Conflict Intelligence™

Conflict Intelligence™ is a new innovation in the dispute resolution area that integrates the synergetic fields of Conflict Resolution (including Mediation and Difficult Conversations), Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness. Conflict Intelligence™ is a simple, yet powerful, model that develops one’s ability to consciously connect with and manage conflict by building collaborative understanding. It is about increasing one’s CI awareness, insight and skills.

The Core Elements of Conflict Intelligence™, will be explored, including:
Conflict Awareness
Self Awareness
Other Awareness
Collaborative Understanding > Creative Resolution

Learning outcomes
On completing the course, participants will be able to:
Define Conflict Intelligence™ (CI) and recognise the core elements of CI.
Understand the importance of the 3 primary conflict dynamics and how to not get caught in the conflict traps.
Recognise the emotional and physiological impact of conflict.
Understand how perceptual positions influence how conflict is viewed.
Gain greater insight into your relationship with conflict – including your conflict identity and conflict approach.
Gain greater insight into ‘the other’ in conflict – including the concept of curiosity and ‘the mediator mindset’.
Understand how to move a conflict conversation to collaboration and a creative resolution through the use of CINO.
Understand and practice ‘the 5 conscious choices’ to ensure greater CI.
Explore what is required to create a Conflict Intelligent Workplace™ (CIW)

National Mediation Conference 2016 – Conflict Intelligence (edited) presentation


Interview for Informa Australia (Conference Organiser) on Conflict Intelligence™

Conflict intelligence (CI): Connecting with conflict – Informa Australia


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