Workplace Mediation

Identify the issues + concerns from each other’s perspective, then reach understanding + agreements that meets the needs of all parties.

What is workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is a consensual and voluntary process in which discussion between the disputing parties is facilitated by a skilled mediator – providing the parties with a process to listen to one another, systematically identify their issues, develop options, consider alternatives and assist in reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution.

The mediation principles:

  • Mediation is a voluntarily process and works best when everyone involved is wanting to sort things out and willing to make an effort.
  • Mediators are impartial. They will not take sides nor give advice. The parties determine the outcomes and agreements.
  • Mediation sessions are confidential (unless there are any safety concerns).

What is the process involved?

  1. Introduction (an outline of the process is presented by the mediator).
  2. Statements (each party will have an opportunity to raise their concerns without interruption).
  3. Key Issues (the key issues will be identified from the statements).
  4. Negotiation (each issue is negotiated with the aim of reaching understanding between the parties and developing possible options for resolution).
  5. Agreements (agreements are made by the parties that they are comfortable with and willing to commit to).

We provide highly skilled and experienced impartial mediators to facilitate the 5 stage mediation process. We will ensure that:

  • Both parties are given a fair and equal opportunity to speak and be listened to.
  • The discussions are kept constructive in a controlled environment.
  • The issues are negotiated with the aim of reaching workable agreements for the future.

What are the benefits of mediation?

  • Resolving disputes between staff.
  • Preventing escalation of workplace grievances and conflict.
  • Minimising time, costs, stress and resources associated with unresolved workplace conflict.

Is the process held in person or virtually online?

  • We are able to provide both face-to-face mediation + online virtual mediation via Zoom.


How do you determine if mediation is appropriate?
The mediator will meet with both parties prior to the mediation to assess the appropriateness of the process (i.e. inappropriate issues include bullying, violence or an unwillingness to participate).

Does mediation always work?
Mediation has a 75-80% success rate when parties show a willingness to sort through the issues and make a commitment to the process.

How long does it take and how many sessions are required?
A mediation session usually last between 2-2.5 hours. Depending on the number of issues and length of conflict it may require 1-3 sessions, usually 1 week apart.

Is the process confidential?
Yes, it is. However, management or HR will sometimes request to see the agreements. The participants will then be informed prior to the mediation.

Can information from the mediation process be used outside the mediation (e.g. court/ claims)?
No. Information cannot be used outside the mediation, nor can the mediator be subpoenaed.