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Scott has recently been Certified as a Virtual Trainer + Keynote Speaker and has been studying with world experts in online facilitation!

I am happy to report that Zoom has many of the requirements to ensure we can still do the vast majority of what I do face-to-face, online. I am able to ensure it is interactive + engaging with skill practice built into the sessions.

Features of Zoom
If you haven’t used Zoom, I have listed below how it works + the requirements.

It is easy + interactive – we can have open discussions, talk in pairs, have group discussions, practice different skills via breakout rooms, chat function for Q&A, jamboard for brainstorm, mentimetre for polling + whiteboard interaction. It is almost like being in a room together! I am also able to show videos, PowerPoint / Prezi slides or anything on Google. It also allows those participating to be in separate locations (including at home) yet can still connect, chat + practice.

Zoom requirements
Those participating only require a computer with a webcam and internet (you don’t need a Zoom account). Most computers now have built in webcams. It’s as simple as registering for the training and then on the day of the training session click on the email link – simple! For those that aren’t aware of how to use Zoom, I will demonstrate the key features (e.g. how to wave, thumbs up, send a message, talk, use videocam etc) to ensure you are able to actively engage in the training.

Another benefit of experiencing virtual training is that you will then have experience in practicing the skills virtually. It is likely you will be needing to use a virtual platform in the near future!

Online Security

There are some basic requirements to ensure you training or meeting session is secure. These include:

  • Do not share the meeting link on social media – send separately (+privately) to each person and ensure it is password protected
  • Enable wait room – thus you have total control who enters the meeting (+ don’t allow people to join before host)
  • Controlling meeting functions, such as restricting participants’ ability to share their screen, files, whiteboard + virtual background, whether they can annotate & who participants can chat with
  • Lock the meeting once all have joined
  • Staying alert for attacks in the chat – know how to remove someone from a meeting (+ select in settings that they cannot re-enter)
  • Using the latest version of the software

Below are pictures of multiple sessions I have facilitated recently on Zoom! 

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