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Would you believe I have now facilitated 108,000 minutes – 1800 hours or 250 live virtual trainings!

Before Covid I had facilitated only 1 hybrid event and wasn’t keen on virtual – at all! However, once all F2F trainings were cancelled (approx. 30 bookings cancelled within a week in March 2020), I decided this was the only way to keep my business going…
AND I decided I was going to get good at this virtual stuff – so I learnt from virtual masters around the world!
AND then I started practicing!
AND then I invited others to practice!
AND then I started getting asked to run my F2F trainings virtually!
AND then I started getting repeat virtual training bookings!
AND then I started getting asked to train others in virtual facilitation!
By the end of 2020, I won the Breakthrough Speaker of Year 2021 (through the Professional Speakers Australia) due to my successful pivot to virtual.
This week (2.5 years later), I will facilitate my 250th virtual training (with the majority of these full day trainings). That’s a lot of time behind the desk and in front of the screen! So I wanted to share with you my 4 key learnings from all that virtual training (+ a few virtual keynotes too).


1. Get the right equipment

My virtual set-up keeps evolving (see below for current gear). Now you don’t need to have 3 cameras (even though for me it is required), but you do need to have at least 1 good camera – my preference is still the Logitec C922 HD or Logitec Brio 4k. Although more important than the camera (with good lighting – Etoile mini ring) is a good quality mic. I have the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB – although a $40 Logitec headset from Officeworks is still pretty good – please don’t rely on your computer audio – most are not good and your sound will annoy those attending pretty quickly!

2. Create expecations pre-training

I send a pre-email that includes filling in what they are hoping to gain, reading over the learning outcomes, printing the booklet we will be using, thinking about a situation they will apply the theory to as we go through the content and – of course – instructions on how to be tech-prepared. I also note expectations about being present, actively participating and ensuring cameras are on for the whole session.  

3. Create an enjoyable environment

It is about making it fun for people – disarming with humour and then exploring the learning outcomes within a psychologically safe space. I always create ‘group agreements’ with participants to help create a space whereby participants are present and mindful.

4. Keep people moving + be creative!

I term it the ‘Rule of 5’ – that is, every 5 minutes participants should be doing something, contributing in some way – it could be answering a question in chat, going to a break-out room, filling in a jamboard or completing a word cloud or quiz or even finding an object in their space that represents a concept you are exploring. If you just sit and talk (I call them the ‘talkers + tellers’) people will very quickly disengage. You need to keep mixing it up and ensuring participants are contributing frequently. I would use at least 2 break-out rooms every hour (and I break every 60min to give people time away from their computers).

PLUS a bonus tip!

Get really good with the virtual platform (Zoom is easily the best to use as a trainer) + really comfortable with the virtual tools. Although I know 30+ external apps, I use 5 frequently (Jamboard, Wheel of Names, Mentimeter, Ahaslides, Snapcamera) and I know them very well. This gives me user confidence and I know how to troubleshoot if there is a problem. Of course, this has taken time and practice and I recommend using only 1 or 2 to begin until confidence grows – then add another + then another…

Well, luckily, my next Virtual Training Masterclass is on November 17 and you are welcome to join!

You will become a super-pro in no time and I will share all my tips + tricks + tools (+ you can be certified as a Certified Virtual Trainer – CVT if you so choose!)
Check out all the details here!
See you soon in the virtual world, and until then,

Enjoy your conflict!

Scott 😉
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