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Communication Package (+ Inclusions!)

Does your team need to up their communication game?

Miscommunication can cause confusion, barriers and stuff-ups, this package will ensure your team has the communication skills + processes to create mutual understanding and clarity with each other and in client-work.

Let’s get good at communication!

NB: In-house training workshops can be delivered virtually and/or F2F (in-person).

Difficult Conversations Level 1 (1.0 days)


This 1-day workshop will assist the manager/ worker/ staff member to understand and demonstrate the skills, techniques and model in having difficult and necessary conversations.

A difficult and necessary conversation is anything you find hard to talk about but know that you need to. The issue is often how to start sensitive conversations that will invite open and constructive dialogue. When interactions become difficult, emotions often escalate and communication can break down. We often fear having the difficult conversation as we are concerned that we may make the situation worse – so we may try to avoid it or if we know we have to have it, we may try and blunder through it. This course will provide the necessary understanding, skills and confidence to manage the discussion effectively. The difficult conversation in the workplace will be necessary for the manager with employees, between colleagues and with clients or students. It is also applicable for challenging interpersonal conversations. This course will explore difficult conversations utilising the Harvard Negotiation Project model.

Members of the APS, the AASW + ACWA may also receive CPD hours toward their professional development requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and demonstrate the Harvard Negotiation Project model including the initial ‘what happened’, feeling + identity conversations and the subsequent transformative learning conversation.
  • Demonstrate how to start sensitive conversations that invites constructive dialogue and builds open communication.
  • Know the importance of your purpose in a Difficult Conversation.
  • Learn to have Difficult Conversations from a collaborative mindset (including the concepts of the ‘And Stance’, impact + intention and contribution) rather than from a battle of messages.
  • Understand and incorporate the distinction between curiosity vs. certainty into Difficult Conversations.
  • Learn how to deal with challenges in Difficult Conversations.
  • Create mutually satisfying outcomes by utilising a learning conversation to encourage collaborative negotiation and problem-solving.
  • Gain greater confidence in having Difficult Conversations.

We are more than happy to have a chat about the learning needs of your team and how we can assist!

Essential Communication Skills OR Psychological Safety (0.5 days)


This ½ day workshop will assist professionals to develop essential communication skills to create mutual understanding + connection in the workplace. This communication course will discuss the common communication barriers and practice the interpersonal skills – active listening, empathy, engagement, assertiveness, verbal + non-verbal language – necessary for confident + successful workplace communication with colleagues + clients.

Members of the APS, the AASW + ACWA may also receive CPD hours toward their professional development requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand communication styles (assertive/ passive/ aggressive) and verbal + non-verbal communication.
  • Gain insight + awareness into your communication impact and how it ‘lands’ with the other.
  • Understand others’ perspectives and how to assertively respond with empathy + emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to question with curiosity + an open mindset to create communication clarity.
  • Demonstrate active listening to ensure understanding + engagement with others.
  • Understand the common communication pitfalls and how to prevent. 
  • Gain confidence to become an expert communicator.


This interactive ½ day workshop will explore the importance of psychological safety for successful teamwork and organisational growth. Psychological safety is essential for the courageous + confident communication necessary for an innovative + agile workplace. The course will explore how to create high performing + cognitively diverse teams that can collaboratively initiate + challenge ideas, raise + solve issues and provide support. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of psychological safety – engagement/ creativity/ productivity – in creating personal/ professional wellbeing and organisational growth.
  • Explore the mindset + strategies to build a psychologically safe environment where the team members are comfortable to voice + challenge ideas/ give feedback/ take risks and ask for assistance.
  • Understand the importance of collaborative communication + cognitive diversity in problem solving and managing team conflict.
  • Identify the current psychological safety within the team – exploring strengths + action for areas of improvement – and the challenge of virtual/ hybrid team engagement.
  • Learn how to empower + share responsibility for a psychologically safe culture with mutual trust + respect.

We are more than happy to have a chat about the learning needs of your team and how we can assist!

Giving + Receiving Feedback (1.0 days)


This interactive and stimulating 1-day workshop will assist the manager + staff to move beyond resistance and defensiveness (self + other) by exploring how the power of feedback can strengthen personal + professional development AND workplace culture + productivity. The essential skills and techniques to give + receive feedback (based on the Harvard Negotiation Model Project) will be presented + practiced and can be utilised for workplace, client and interpersonal feedback conversations.

Members of the APS, the AASW + ACWA may also receive CPD hours toward their professional development requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice skills + techniques to enable a confident and constructive feedback conversation that encourages mutual learning + understanding.
  • Understand the essential role of effective feedback for personal + professional growth and a healthy + high-performing team culture.
  • Identify the 3 triggers that can impede the feedback conversation and how to sort + filter to find the value in feedback.
  • Develop insight and skills to navigate tricky feedback situations + boundaries. 
  • Understand how to start + frame, coach vs criticise, collaborate vs tell and move forward with follow-up agreement to reduce resistance and encourage participation. 
  • Understand the importance of mindfulness + psychological safety in managing emotional reactions when giving + receiving feedback. 

We are more than happy to have a chat about the learning needs of your team and how we can assist!


  • Pre-workshop session + surveys to tailor content + learning outcomes to meet your team needs.
  • Post-workshop session – to consolidate + implement learning sustainability into your team/ workplace.
  • Materials: Manual + PowerPoint slides + team photo!
  • Free membership for your team into the Fighting Fair Club (regularly $99 per person per year) – A Network Hub for up-to-date info on all things Conflict + Communication + Culture! Invitation to monthly live sessions with Scott (including Q+A/ guest speakers/ case studies)/ interactive peer network/ early access + discounts to new courses/ current info + articles.

Add-on suggestions

  • Emotional Intelligence workshop (1.0 days)
  • Communication Coaching sessions with Scott

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